sabato 11 febbraio 2012

D&G 2012 S/S Collection [Foulards lover]

Passion for foulards!

"A foulard is a lightweight fabric, either twill or plain-woven, made of silk or a mix of silk and cotton. Foulards usually have a small printed design of various colors. Foulard can also refer by metonymy to articles of clothing, such as scarves and neckties, made from this fabric.
Foulard is believed to have originated in the Far East. The word comes from the French word foulard, with the same proper and metonymic meanings.
In modern French, foulard is the usual word for a scarf or neckerchief." (CIT. Wikipedia)

Foulards are another must-have of this Spring/Summer. I have always found them very elegant because of the colourful and diverse prints which can turn a "minimal" outfit into a very particular one. Among the most beautiful foulards of history there are Hermés':

Hermès' foulards have always been a classic and many celebrites have used them, making them a real icon.

This season Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) has proposed a new S/S collection, showing different ways in which foulards' textile can be used. The most classic and known way is, of course, to use them as a scarf around the neck. D&G's collection transformed foulards into fabulous and "flowing" dresses and skirts which look really ethereal. Here it is, D&G 2012 S/S collection:





















What do you think about this collection?


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