venerdì 3 febbraio 2012

Photography IS love!

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to share with you one of my passions: photography.
I've always been a very curious person and I truly believe that photgraphy is one of the favourite means through which curious girls show their interest in what is around them.
I recently got a reflex - a professional Canon camera - and I really love going around with it! I look like one of those tourists who can't stop taking pictures in my own city (sometimes even in my own house..)!
I really want to attend a photgraphy course, and I'd like to improve my knowledge in this amazing and fascinating field!
My dream right now is to buy an instant camera... It doesn't cost much (Polaroid or Fujitsu are around 80-100 euros) but my mother doesn't allow me to buy one since I just got my reflex... Anyway I really want one... and knowing myself, I'll soon succed in buying it!

All right! It's time to stop daydreaming... Now I wanted to show you, girls, some of the pictures I took until now. It would really mean a lot to me If you could tell me what you think about them!

And what about you, girls? Do you like photography, and If you do, what to like to photograph?


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