sabato 31 marzo 2012

Fujifilm instax mini 7S: this Instant Camera rocks.

Do you guys remember I talked to you about Instant cameras in this post here?  Photography Post (Instant Camera).

Well well well...I said that I would have bought an Instant Camera and I did! :)
So I wanted to ''introduce'' to you all my new baby: Fujifilm instax mini 7S.

venerdì 30 marzo 2012

USA inspired look.

Hello guys! It's been a while since I last posted something but I've been incredibly busy with school: I have my exams this year and I'm busy with my university choice...moreover I am going to leave Rome and move to London next September so I'm quite anxious for that.
I've made my applications and all, but it still is hard for me to take a final decision on my future...

Anyway, I don't want to bother you all with my problems, so here it is, finally, my new post: this picture here shows my new Lookbook outfit. I took inspiration from America and I will probably keep on posting some looks inspired by the USA.
Hope you like it! :)

If you have any enquiry about this look and the pieces you can see in it, please let me know in the comment section below :)


sabato 3 marzo 2012

Brigitte Bardot Collection!

Brigitte Bardot. A name, a legend. She's been one of the first icons of all times. There is no one who doesn't know her. She's been one of the first women to wear a bikini (at her time that apparel - which is so common now - was considered immoral!) and she rocked it.


And now we have some amazing news "from her": "" announced last July that Brigitte, the legendary model and actress, signed a licensing agreement last year with the company Ternay and other investors allowing for the first time the use of her name and likeness for a fashion label, " Brigitte Bardot".

The collection - available in stores since January - includes some 200 styles inspired by the actress: gingham dresses, shorts, retro-chic crochet dresses and many others. The prices range from around 100 euros to 400 euros. Everything was "inspired by the iconography and style of Brigitte Bardot, which validates each style," said the director of the Sarah Ohana collection.

Here is a picture with some of the pieces from this collection:

source for the pic:

So, what do you think about it? Do you like the idea of a collection inspired by one of the most famous and beautiful women in the world, or not? I personally love it, and I also find these clothes - with their vintage and retrò allure - very interesting!


Hair and Makeup: Versace backstage (Milan's Fashion Week 2012)

Hey guys!
Today I wanted to talk to you about the gorgeous makeups we saw at Milan's Fashion Week this year. I am so in love with Versace's delicate (and sexy at the same time) makeup. I also loved the hairstyles - very natural straight or waivy hair.
So I am posting a video from .
Hope you enjoy! :)

And now let me know if you liked it or not, and why. Feel free to write in the comment section below all you think about this makeup, or how you think makeup should be.