martedì 3 aprile 2012

From day to night: Look n.1

Hey guys! I have decided to start a series of posts about day to night looks. It will help you choose your summer outfits and maybe it might be your inspiration for those amazing school-free days.
Some time ago I talked to you about lace (here) and I am going to post a look which is actually connected to that. To create a romantic look, a lace piece is always a key piece!

Today's look is ''Romantic''.

1) DAY.

The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing a romantic outfit for the day is the shape of the clothes: it is better if the top is a little bit loose and the skirt or trousers (better short) are high waist.
Another important thing is colour: colour is always a main factor for the success of a look, because it can transform you completely. Romantic look need pastel colours: this summer's are green (better if it is aqua green), pink, orange, yellow, white (of course!), ivory, blue, moon ivory.

The perfect match: loose pastel coloured blouse and high waist Levi's.
loose pastel coloured blouse and high waist skirt (better if pleated - it gives a very romantic and vintage allure to your outfit).


Colours: to create the perfect romantic outfit for the night, the most useful advice is to wear black and/or metallic coloured apparels.
For instance, the following dress is perfect for a romantic dinner out, or for a glamourous party.
If you want to excede you can also wear some accessories (better if their colour is metallic like silver or gold). Otherwise, lace can be worn by itself without any accessory: it doesn't need anything else.

The gorgeous Blake Lively in a fabulous golden pleated skirt (I want that skirt!), paired with black pumps and a very simple and cute white blouse.

Shape: remember that, for a night outfit, close-fitting apparels are the best (expecially for the top).

In conclusion, here's a passe-partout outfit, perfect for the day and for the night:


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  1. Hi, saw your blog in the lookbook forum. Looks realy nice, I follow you now. Love this post!

    1. Thank you so much! :) If you are interested in something in particular do not hesitate: ask me! :D

  2. I love that first dress, you always do such gorgeous blog posts!

    Lucy x

  3. Great idea for a post. The lace dress is super super cute!!

  4. Ah school free! Are we really almost there?? These are great inspiration, I want both!